4000w ROV Light

Oceaneering DTS offers the SeaSun® 4000w ROV light. The light system is mounted on a tray installed in the ROV cage. The SeaSun® ROV light is built with the same offshore durability as the SeaSun® Shallow lights but it has been re-designed for ROV operations down to 6000m. The SeaSun® ROV light significantly increases the “Area of Visibility” for ROV pilots and marine engineers.


SeaSun ROV Dredge Light
Photo: Oceaneering Deepwater Teachnical Tools


  • ROV Mounted Work Light
  • 4000w arc light
  • Color Temp: 6,000° Kelvin
  • Equivalent to 16,000 watts of incandescent light
  • Depth Ratings: 3,000 & 6,000 meters
SeaSun Tree2
Photo: Oceaneering Deepwater Technical Tools
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