4000w Work Light

Costa-Concordia-in-waterHydroFlex now offers the SeaSun® 4000w Lamp as a single work light system. It is built with the same offshore durability as the SeaSun® 3 Lamp System but is designed with a very small deck footprint, and allows the diver to bring the light exactly where it is needed. It is a space and cost saving option to increase safety on dive sites.

The SeaSun® Single ties into ship’s power and creates its own isolated power supply that is monitored by an Isometer instead of a GFI. This type of ground fault protection constantly provides the lighting technician information about the safety of the system. This pre-warning feature prompts the technician to change out components before a fault occurs.

Developed in July, 2000, for the motion picture industry, the SeaSun® 4000w HMI work light was adapted for the rigors of offshore work in May, 2005, has logged more than 900,000 hours of underwater operation in the gulf, and was recently used on the Costa Concordia salvage project off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, Italy, for over a year.

Isometer vs. GFI: Both are safe and will trip if a ground fault occurs.
*Isometer – Detects a problem developing before it becomes a fault.
*GFI – Immediately trips the sytem when a fault occurs. No warning.


Video courtesy of Fast Forward Rentals

Photo: John Mosier
Fast Forward Rentals
Lafayette, LA


  • 4000w arc light
  • Color temp: 6,000k (daylight)
  • Output in Lumens: 380,000
  • Equivalent to 16,000 watts
    of incandescent light
  • 300’ depth rating
  • Isolated power supply with
    integrated resistance monitor
  • Work light is compact and can
    be deployed and recovered by hand
  • Allows divers to place the light right
    over the work site
  • Rugged PVC cowling protects the light
  • Greatly improves diver safety
  • Work light conforms to UL Std. #1573
    & CE Std. #EN60598-2-17
  • Power requirements:
    480VAC ship’s power or generator
  • Size: 20” L, 11” Dia.
  • Weight: 39 lbs in air27 lbs in water